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"Katye creates unique pieces of jewelry that are both tasteful and elegant. The ordering process was really simple and I was able to customize the jewelry to my preferred price range. Katye was very helpful and motivated to create exactly what we envisioned. Overall my buying experience was marvellous!"

- Amy B, Pennsylvania, USA


"I just have to say what an amazing experience I had placing an order from start to finish with Katye! I am one very very happy customer! My order was beyond what I expected!!! Great job!!!!"

-Jazz M-R, Toronto, Canada


"I LOVE my new handmade necklace from Katye Landry Designs. Katye made me exactly what I wanted and I felt like I was part of each step of the process. I get so many compliments on my personalized necklace; my sister-in-law loved it so much I ordered one for her for Christmas! My cousin also liked it so much that she ordered one too! Each of our pieces, though similar, is different and one-of-a-kind. I can't wait for the next chance to buy another beautiful piece from Katye."

-Ali B, Toronto, Canada


 "I was lucky enough to stumble across Katye Landry Designs on Facebook. I placed an order for a hand stamped necklace with a pearl and I love it, I wear it daily as it matches everything and is the perfect touch to a bare neck. I plan to purchase all my bridesmaids gifts from Katye! I will be back!"

- Chelsea, Ottawa, Ontario


"I love Katye Landry Designs. Each piece is unique, hand crafted and reasonably priced. Katye is very talented and open to making you something you will want to wear everyday. I've been wearing the same necklace for weeks now! I'm officially addicted."

-Manise M-L, Ottawa, Ontario


"I consider myself very lucky to have built a collection of Katye Landry Designs pieces! Not only does this designer make absolutely beautiful, unique, and excellent quality jewelry, her dedication to her clients is absolutely unmatched. I have never encountered anyone who is so dedicated to the satisfaction and needs of their clients, and so willing to do anything to make every pieces as perfect as possible. Unbelievably highly recommended!"

Jaclyn L - Canada